• Behaviour Matters was founded by Becky and Leanne with a vision to help parents, carers and teachers develop their skills to handle children’s behaviour in an encouraging and respectful manner and, by doing so, promote positive relationships in schools and at home.

    They work on a consultancy basis, as well as offering a wide variety of training courses and workshops to Local Authorities, School Staff and Parents.

    Becky and Leanne have been working with Local Authorities for a number of years, providing a range of training courses. They helped to implement the SEND reforms that came about as a result of the new Children and Families Act 2014 and, in one Local Authority, headed up the Parental Engagement aspect of the reforms.

    They have worked with school staff and parents for many years. Inspired by the positive effects the Restorative Approach can have on behaviour and relationships within school communities, they have developed a package of materials for schools around positive behaviour management, which includes the following training: Restorative Approaches, Peer Mediation, Managing Behaviour in the Classroom/Playground and Attachment Awareness.

    They are also trained and qualified to deliver a range of parenting courses, including: The Incredible Years, Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities, New Forest Parenting Programme and The Nurturing Programme. Research has shown that children whose parents are involved in their education have better outcomes. Becky and Leanne feel passionately about this and so, using their experience gained from working with hundreds of families over the years, they have developed a variety of workshops for parents.

    • Becky Hughes

      Becky Hughes

      I have a 1st class honours BSc in Psychology and over ten years’ experience as a Parenting Practitioner. I am an accredited trainer for Family Partnership Training – a model developed at the Maudsley, which trains professionals to work with parents, as well as being trained in Solution Focused Therapy. Having worked as a tutor with Bromley Adult Education College, I gained the PTTALS (Preparing to Teach in the Adult Learning Sector) qualification.

      I have two children (Tom and Megan, now 22 and 21) so I know how challenging, yet rewarding, parenting can be. I am passionate about helping others – both parents and professionals – in order to foster happy, confident, responsible children. I took a strong interest in my children’s primary school and was a school governor there for ten years. This gave me valuable knowledge and insight into school life.

      Having been born and brought up in Malawi, I value and respect different cultural values and beliefs. However, I believe we all want the best for our children.

    • Leanne Guillen

      Leanne Guillen

      I have a strong interest in Psychology, Education and Behaviour. I completed my Psychology degree at the University of London and spent time working in a research team for the Institute of Education’s Department of Psychology and Special Educational Needs. I also worked at the Institute of Psychiatry, and at The Maudsley, where I undertook research, as well as working on the SPOKES (Supporting Parents on Kids’ Education in Schools) project, delivering parenting classes, as well as a reading recovery programme, to parents in schools in Peckham.

      I left the IOP to complete my teacher training through Greenwich University and am a qualified primary school teacher, so understand the highs and lows that teachers face. I am trained in Carolyn Webster-Stratton’s Dina Dinosaur Programme – How to Promote Children’s Social and Emotional Competence – and used my knowledge and skills in positive behaviour management to run a happy and high achieving classroom.

      I lived in the USA for 11 years, an experience which I feel has not only broadened my outlook on life, but also instilled in me a spirit of enthusiasm and optimism. I returned to the UK in 1996 with my Cuban husband and daughter, Lidia, who is now 21.

  • Our Ethos

    We feel it’s important that children grow up in an environment which enables them to flourish and to develop into responsible, caring and confident individuals who will make a positive contribution to society. 

    Our work is based on Social Learning Theory, Behaviourism, Psychosocial Developmental Theory, as well as a Restorative Approach. By working in partnership with parents and school staff we support and empower people with strategies and skills in order to enrich relationships and raise strong, confident, resilient children.  

    We work in a collaborative, non-judgemental and respectful manner in order to achieve the best outcomes and develop successful and positive relationships.  Relationships are at the heart of our work.