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“It’s vitally important that children learn the habit of healthy eating when they are young. Good eating habits last a lifetime and diet is one of the most important steps towards a lifetime of good health.” – Juliette Kellow

Nearly all children become finicky about food at some time. At some ages, this may simply be a matter of disliking certain tastes, or textures, or being more interested in playing or talking than eating. At certain ages children need less calories.  Most children gain between four and five pounds a year between the ages of one and five but could go three to four months without gaining any weight at all, resulting in a decrease in appetite.

Some youngsters refuse to eat as a way of demonstrating their independence, or because they’ve learnt that it is a way of controlling their parents.  This is when it can become a power struggle, or a battle of wills.  Here are some tips that might help:

Eating habits:
Be involved:
What you pay attention to, you see more of:
Make eating fun and relaxed:
Extra Ideas: