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    I am very pleased to be able to positively support the work of Behaviour Matters and am happy to recommend them to any organisation considering such support. Becky and Leanne are two very experienced consultants with a proactive approach and high quality interpersonal and communication skills…… I am very much impressed with the quality of their work, their commitment to task and the follow up they provide to action and outcomes. Their findings have been most insightful and have assisted us to move forward quickly and positively in our transition agenda. – Director of Education, Children’s and Adults’ Services, Southwark.

    “Becky Hughes and Leanne Guillen of Behaviour Matters have provided a range of services to the Early Help Service, in Southwark Local Authority, to support Southwark in strengthening its services to their community parents/carers and children. I have found Becky and Leanne very responsive to Southwark’s needs and they consistently deliver a high quality standard and within the agreed timescales.   They demonstrate excellent professionalism and are approachable and friendly.  In particular, we have appreciated the way they will adjust their work commitments to help accommodate any urgent projects. I would not hesitate to recommend them to future clients.” – Locality Manager.


    ‘The restorative justice training was thorough and useful, giving clear information as to the rationale behind the restorative approach. The facilitators used skilful questioning to support staff to reflect upon their own experiences. The prompt cards supplied have been an invaluable aid. Peer Mediation has proved to be a powerful, positive initiative as it offers effective life skills, conflict resolution tools and support to anti-bullying strategies. The peer mediator role has had a significant impact on behaviour in the school. Staff have noticed a more relaxed environment and are spending less time dealing with lower level pupil conflicts. Our monitoring system shows a reduction in the incidence of behavioural problems. Pupil feedback indicates high value for the peer mediator role and that it has helped our children to take the time to understand each other and get along better. I found Becky Hughes and Leanne Guillen to be extremely well organised, very professional and dedicated to producing the very best results.’ – Head Teacher, Croydon Primary School

    ‘Leanne Guillen and Becky Hughes of Behaviour Matters delivered Restorative Approaches training to teachers and teaching assistants. The sessions were well received. The materials were good quality, the pace and delivery was very good. All participants were happy to contribute. It is the school’s intention to use a restorative approach as the basis of behaviour management throughout the school, extending the training to older children in the form of peer mediation training. The training and materials provided have given the school confidence to adopt this consistent approach.’ – Deputy Head/Inclusion Manager, Bromley Primary School.

    ‘…parenting courses have produced excellent outcomes, improving children’s behaviour as well as relationships between parents and school by removing barriers between home and school’ – Deputy Head, Bromley School

    ‘A very progressive approach to conflict resolution which will be welcome here’ – Primary Teacher, Croydon

    ‘Clear and concise with all parties contributing. Very engaging and good pace’ – Secondary School teacher, Bromley

    ‘Very useful. Enjoyed that it was proactive and interactive with lots of chat and discussions – helps you to think through our practise and personal experiences’ – Secondary Teacher, Bromley

    “Dispels the myth that punitive teaching methods work’ – Primary Teacher, Croydon

    ‘I feel much more confident about behaviour management and what to do’ – Secondary Teacher, Bromley

    ‘Very easy to understandd – approachable!’- Midday Supervisor, Croydon

    ‘Thank you, a very useful session’ – Primary Teacher, Croydon

    ‘The training was very clear – encouraging us to think and to reflect. I now have more awareness of how to resolve situations’ – Primary Teacher, Croydon

    ‘Trainers believed fully in the approach’ – Primary Teacher, Croydon


    Local Authority Training

    ‘Training was very useful and things can be put into practice straight away’ – Children Centre staff

    ‘The course helped with reflection and evaluation as well as assessment’ – Children Centre staff

    ‘I found the flow of the session useful with the mix of ‘principles’, discuss, practice, share, activities’– Educational Psychologist

    ‘I enjoyed the way the presentation and activities were planned and linked’ – EHC Co-ordinator

    ‘Very knowledgeable backgrounds’ – EHC Co-production team

    ‘Becky and Leanne had a very approachable style and offered many examples of dealing effectively with parents’ – SENCO

    ‘Found the practical and real nature of it most useful……Really enjoyed this and found it very useful’ – SENCO

    ‘The session was really well organised and presented in an informative way…….it was excellent’ – SENCO

    ‘Overall content was amazing – discussion and activities were excellent’ – SENCO

    ‘The strategies were especially useful’ – Children Centre staff



    ‘Thank-you for all your support and belief in me for which I am really grateful. This has changed my life and will never look back. Here’s to the future’ – Parent

    ‘Thanks for all the words of wisdom and encouragement’ – Parent

    ‘Thank-you. You have made me feel better about myself. You have a natural ability to empathise with people’– Parent

    ‘I really enjoyed taking part in your programme. It has given me some kind of hope for the future’ – Parent

    ‘I want to thank you on behalf of my family! You have helped ignite the change’– Parent

    ‘Thank-you so much for all the help, advice, listening and no judging’ – Parent

    ‘It’s (very) interesting how I came to know my children more, as by giving them full attention, I came to discover new behaviour and understand them more. This course has made me a very confident mother and a best friend of my children. Thank you.’ – Parent

    ‘Interesting and engaging presenters – learning through role play and examples’ – Parent


    ‘I now feel professional’ – Peer Mediator

    ‘I like the training because everybody contributes’ – Peer Mediator

    ‘I liked everything I really liked it, it was so interesting’ – Peer Mediator

    ‘I liked that we did role play and it felt real’– Peer Mediator

    ‘I liked doing acting, pretending to be in a situation’ – Peer Mediator